Gluten free breakfast at Carluccios

My new obsession… Carluccios’ breakfast menu! Although I often eat here in the evening I had no idea what an extensive breakfast menu they had as well. Until now…

I’ve been travelling a lot for work and it’s always a case of stuffing eat natural bars in my suitcase for an on the go safe breakfast, so when I accidentally came across a brunch I can return to time and time again, I was more than happy to eat it two days in a row!

The waitress in the branch in Bath was really clued up and mentioned that the gluten free bread was toasted separately and away from the normal bread. She double checked on every detail and I was even happier to discover that their Italian drinking chocolate is also gluten free - there’s so few places that I can safely order this.

My only gripe is the consistency in the product in different branches. The Bristol breakfast was tiny in comparison to my first experience in Bath and I was only served a single slice of bread (which didn’t really seem very substantial for an £8 dish).

In conclusion, lots of protein rich options for coeliacs on the go. Just make sure they don’t short change you on the gluten free bread!

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